Sunday, December 5, 2010

more digital stuff, mostly mildly photoshopped pictures (don't expect elaborate digital art)

cinema, own work
cinema (own work 2008-2010, click on the image for an enlargement)

dark sky, polder, own work
dark sky, polder (own work 2010, click on the image for an enlargement)

liège 1985, own work
liège 1985 (own work 2008, click on the image for an enlargement)

still life with kiwi, own work
still life with kiwi (own work 2008-2010, click on the image for an enlargement)


anyway, one point is: without photoshop i would never have been able to make these pictures. the analog technology necessary for producing anything remotely resembling these pictures is way above my head. i'm not saying they are so great or anything, but photoshop at least has opened a world of photography for me, that was quite closed to me before.

and taking pictures, especially of landscape and nature, is also an inspiring way to prepare visually for painting and drawing.

[to be continued]


Anonymous said... turn in being creative?

I watch on a regulair basis this site were people can post their award winning pictures...nice!

Regardz, Paul (alias an iProspect consultant ;-)

frank waaldijk said...

ah, thanx paul! i thought it was you, earlier in the comments about saatchi online...!

anyway, this is not a new turn in being creative, i've been photographing since i was 7 and extensively since i was 15...

but i used to suck at achieving anything in the dark room, in the pre-digital era. i took photography both in high school and at art academy, but my dark room efforts were usually quite disastrous. i'm too impatient i guess for the slow process of tuning chemicals with the paper, lighting, negative and other conditions.

in this photoshop-era however, i can spend a lot of time on getting pictures right, sometimes on their own, sometimes for a certain graphical design, like a record sleeve, or a folder, or a poster, a book cover, or a magazine cover...i've done quite a few of those so far.

it is a totally rewarding field, but i have to limit myself because of my rsi.

still, i will put up some more examples...mainly because i'm so glad that after al those years of unrewarding analog efforts on my part, nowadays i can finally be something of a photographer, in my own limited way of course, because i still do not have very expensive equipment.

and also still a bit limited by technology, because the colour management of even photoshop is not optimal yet, and far more imporant, the colour reproduction of computer screens is in general very terrible...i have no idea if what you see on your screen even resembles what i see on mine.

nice to have a reaction from time time! hear from you soon i hope, cheerz frank

Anonymous said...

Ahh...that's a long history of shooting pics :-)

I have a Mac and the screen is very good!! Not only colours but also the bright light (also in the sun outside :-)

Goodluck with it!!