Monday, February 13, 2012

landscape art, van gogh, gorges du tarn

let me say just a few words on landscape art. it has always fascinated me, perhaps firstly because both landscape and art have always fascinated me. but secondly, my views on landscape art were almost demolished when i first saw a van gogh painting (i believe i was around 11 yrs old).

before that, i was already surrounded in our home by paintings of kenyan landscape as a backdrop for kenyan wildlife, by peter pakara (pseudonym of an artist who i barely managed to find on internet as peter siegfried hahn). i admired these paintings greatly.

peter pakara, peter siegfried hahn
peter pakara (peter siegfried hahn) (unknown title and date, i believe this to be fair use of the image; the paintings in my parents' possession are all from the seventies)

as a child i already had visited the rijksmuseum a number of times through my primary school in amsterdam. but i don' recall seeing a van gogh there. in short, my idea of what painting was changed completely (i now believe) when i first saw works by van gogh.

unfortunately i don't remember which of his works i actually saw first, but i do recall the sensation of being in complete awe of something another human has made. not like the awe i had before for realistic works of art, but on a wholly new level, the awe that somebody had actually managed to paint something of what i always felt when being in nature.

vincent van gogh, wheat field with cypresses
vincent van gogh wheat field with cypresses (1889, click on the image for an enlargement)

ok, now for my own puny contribution to this post's imagery. three years ago i visited the gorgeous gorges du tarn:

st georges de levejac, gorges du tarn
st georges de levejac, gorges du tarn

and some time later i made this drainting:

gorges du tarn, frank waaldijk, 2009
gorges du tarn (own work, 21 x 30 cm, 2009, click on the image for an enlargement)

(to be continued)


Sita Hahn said...

Peter Siegfried Hahn was my father. Do you have more from his pictures?

With freendly Greatings

Sita Hahn

frank waaldijk said...

sita, i have mailed you privately. greetings, frank