Wednesday, October 22, 2008

eve & adam 4: tamara de lempicka

while i'm at it:

tamara de lempicka, adam and eve

tamara de lempicka, adam and eve

how superstylized style still allows for sensuality.

eve & adam 3, art, spirituality, michelangelo

michelangelo, sistine chapel, the expulsion of adam and eve from paradise, for eating fruit from the tree of knowledge

michelangelo, sistine chapel the expulsion of adam and eve from paradise, for eating fruit from the tree of knowledge

to continue with the thread i was trying to weave...eve & adam, man & woman in art, spirituality...

but the influence from my other blog pitfalls of spirituality is still felt. to me, mankind in ignorance is not mankind in bliss. bliss is highly overrated anyway. a spiritual heart and an inquisitive, critical, intuitive, logical what will help us to slowly rise above our current condition humaine, is my belief.

the expulsion of adam and eve from paradise for eating fruit from the tree of knowledge? it is not knowledge that causes shame of sexuality, guilt, etc. etc. i would sooner blame religion for that.

frank waaldijk, the expulsion of adam and eve from the paradise of ignorance to the terrible pastures of knowledge

the expulsion of adam and eve from the paradise of ignorance to the terrible pastures of knowledge (own work -perhaps still in progress-, 2008, mixed media on paper)

Friday, October 3, 2008

intermezzo: Corry Loermans - Universal Brain

It is always both a wonder and a pleasure to come across special art outside of the limelight. It happens to me every once in a while that I see what I consider special work by some artist who is not well known, but who obviously has spent a lot of time, thought, craftmanship etcetera in developing her/his art.

In the series `Universal Brain', I think Dutch visual artist Corry Loermans aims for several layers of meaning and complexity. She does this in a subtle way, using subtle materials and subtle physical layers in the work itself. From a distance, the works transmit a certain light serenity, a quiet radiating. Coming closer, slowly i was drawn in to a far more complex surface, and a lot of intense energy.

In the above drawing [removed on a later request by the artist (permission was originally obtained prior to posting)], it seems there is only one line...endlessly twisting its way, almost impossible to follow.

It brings up questions about thinking, the brain, feeling...while at the same time simply being visually rewarding art without too much conceptualization. I'm interested to see where her work will go in the future. You can view some works here:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

eve & adam 2, art, spirituality

frank waaldijk, the creation of adam and eve
the creation of adam and eve (own work, 2005, mixed media on paper)

i'm still neglecting this blog, for which i apologize (especially now that the blog attracts well over a 100 visitors a day). however, my other blog pitfalls of spirituality deals with about 16 subjects [19 pitfalls as of may 2009], of which i have now covered more than half. so in due time i should be back here with full attention.

actually, this split attention touches on the question what one can perceive as the role of art, and of artists, in society. my other blog deals with pitfalls of spirituality (see previous post for a link). but i find that out of this blog, images are coming to me, drawings, sculptural ideas, which perhaps carry a much directer message. which is critical in nature, just as the blog.

on the other hand, a lot of what i think of as `positive' spirituality has been playing a large role in my work ever since i started out as an artist, over 25 years ago.

and i would like to think that art can play a role in our uplifting. both emotionally, by providing beauty, solace,... and spiritually, by appealing to the level where we feel connected to other human beings.

therefore, art confronting us with suffering or abuse of people, might touch us in a way that a written report cannot. also,as another example, art showing the loving equality between woman and man might give some counterweight to all the stereotyping which we are confronted with from advertising and other outer-wrapping oriented endeavours.

this is my hope. i also believe it to be (and to have been) the hope of many other artists whose work can be classified as `spiritual' or `drawing on spiritual values'.

pablo picasso, boy watching woman
pablo picasso, boy watching woman (details unknown to me)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

eve & adam, man & woman

frank waaldijk, eve & adam dancing with the animals

eve & adam dancing with the animals (own work, 2008, mixed media on paper)

i've been neglecting this blog a bit, since my other blog pitfalls of spirituality is taking up more time than i intended. but one of the posts there has reminded me of a rather constant theme in art, and also in my own art: eve & adam, man & woman.

i would like to do a series of posts here, ranging widely, around this theme. although sexuality has some role, my intent is more of a spiritual nature. (as an important side note: although in my own work homosexuality doesn't feature very prominently, please don't think that i have anything against it. it's just that many of my works come from my subconscious, and it is only in retrospect that i notice they are mostly of a man-woman nature. in fact i think it would be good if spiritual same-sex love would be portrayed more often in art, as to form some counterbalance against the widespread discrimination of homosexuality.)

in the above drawing, i am probably as surprised as you to find eve and adam half dressed, with only the top half covered. have they already left paradise? one would think so, but they seem to rejoice nonetheless. and amongst the animals the snake is there too...

Monday, August 18, 2008

chuck close: more than realism?

what struck me with some of chuck close's works was the intensity of some of the portraits. an intensity which, in retrothinking, i would ascribe to a combination of ` harsh' realism (non-prettified i mean) with an extra layer of (is this a word?) deconstruction of reality [oh oh i'm starting to sound like ralf kwaaknijd here...].

by ` deconstruction' i mean his pixel-like approach, where each pixel is just a small abstract element. but in the best works it seems to me he added to this also extra abstract expression in these pixels. and freedom with respect to the size and placement of the `pixels'.

and then suddenly, the work for me starts to shimmer, vibrate, i don't know. it's an effect which i do not experience with the small reproductions on internet. i think you must go and see the work for real.

chuck close, maggie

chuck close, maggie (photo by ellen page wilson, courtesy of PaceWildenstein, new york, ©chuck close [and i hope ellen and chuck don't mind]

but in other works i did not get much vibes beyond the realism. i wonder where chuck close will take his work in years to come!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

chuck close: a portrait in progress

ok, something more serious now.

saw a wonderful short documentary `chuck close - a portrait in progress' by marion cajori, it seems there is now a feature-length version.

also saw a show of chuck close's work, last year in aachen. was glad i went, there were some very interesting and beautiful works (amongst works that i liked far less, to be honest and complete).

here is a video from youtube:

i will come back to this in the next post.