Wednesday, April 22, 2009

street art 2: recognition, appreciation

see the one-but-previous post. [and see -of course- the wikipedia entry on street art.]

if you take the time to view the video, you might come across some very intriguing art works. i'm often amazed at what i see on the street. apart from the obvious artistry, there's a lot of hard work and dedication going into many of these works.

i don't mean this as a general tribute to every tag and graffiti-like work (because there are many less appealing ones, perhaps even the majority, i'm not keeping score since i tend to ignore what doesn't appeal).

but i would like to thank all those anonymous artists which really put in their talent, time and effort to produce their art on the streets.

you might want to read this article on street art in sweden [link is now defunct, 2014] by nicholas claude, who is also the photographer of the picture below:

street art in stockholm, photo by nicholas claude

the article discusses pros and contras, since many people experience street art as defacing and/or damaging of property. perhaps i will return to this in later posts. [postscript 2014: the article has been removed and is completely unfindable].


Caio Fernandes said...

you have a very good blog , well, what can i say.. i saved my day!
i respect people that apreciate strong and sincere art,not worried about styles or concept. maybe am wrong but i think you are like that.
any way , if one day you visit my blog ,that is about paintings, i hope you enjoy as nuch i did visiting yours.

frank waaldijk said...

thank you caio! i really enjoy your appreciation. i also visited your blog, and i think you are a talented draughtsman/painter.

i'll try to visit from time to time, to see what you have been putting up.

kind regards, frank