Saturday, June 20, 2009

new studio!

new painting studio

yes i have a new studio, for painting! i'm really happy with it. i still have a small studio in the back of our garden, but we will be using it as a small home office for the next year or so. (the new studio is temporary, might also last two years though).

southern light...supposedly not the best, but with a wonderful skylight, and on the first floor with unobstructed windows...quiet atmosphere, some friendly other artists, and of course my sculpture workshop in the same building. well, what more could one wish for?

took this picture when i had just put in a few things. bit more organized now, but i intend to keep it very empty. beautiful acoustics too, for guitar playing...

and if you look carefully, you will see that i treated myself to a sculpture too (a ralf kwaaknijd! see next post).


Paul said...

Looks like a very large room!? Enjoy it :-)

franka waaldijk said...

thanx paul, it is indeed quite spacious. and it's really very nice to paint in this studio. why don't you come see, one of these days?