Saturday, May 17, 2008

kunstweek / art week (quality & art 4)

(this post is really a short postscript to the previous one, as illustration. new positivity follows right after this one!)

since about 5 yrs in the netherlands there is an initiative `kunstweek' (art week), which more or less out of the blue claims an election of `dutch artist of the year' (kunstenaar van het jaar).

of course, this has to be a joint effort from `public' (read internet) and `experts'. this year's expert panel contains some 100 names, with ... 0 visual artists among them. i am not joking, but it is al the more funny!

this is just to illustrate my point that artists have been manouvered to a secondary position when it comes to valuation of art. museum directors, journalists, curators, gallery owners, art historians...pull the strings.

can one expect alternative insights from such an election? or will it all be about artists already `discovered' getting some extra gpr...i leave to the reader to guess and smile.


David Polak said...

Dear Frank,
Your comment contains more than one mistake. Please be correct informed before publishing wrong information en being negative.
de Kunstweek
David Polak

franka waaldijk said...

dear david,

i got all my information from

it says there, in unmistakable terms, and i translate directly:

`the panel of experts consists of museum directors, curators/conservators, art historians & art history teachers, art critics, directors of institutions for art education, and others who can be qualified as expert.'

underneath there is a list with an incredible number of names, all accredited occupation-wise, NONE of them as visual artist.

so, if my information is mistaken, please provide correct information on your website in such a way that a visitor to your site can find it easily.

you may think me negative, but i'm just pointing at a larger mechanism which in my eyes is detrimental: visual artists are not being seen as important experts in the field of visual art. that place is reserved for the occupations mentioned above.

and yes, i'm also not so positive about elections like `artist of the year'...because for me the line between art and entertainment has become thin enough as it is. you should see the amount of email- and artforum-soliciting going on around this type of internetsupported elections...for me it has little to do with art, that's all.

that's not misinformation, that's a well-informed personal opinion.

why don't you welcome some critical sound? it's seldom a good sign if everybody agrees with you...

but good luck with your initiative anyway. i wouldn't worry about an unimportant artist like me if i were you!