Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the purpose of art? a purpose of art? artificial porpoise?

so, alain badiou considers art a domain where important truths arise.

perhaps he agrees with my perception of a purpose of (my) art: deconstruction of existing clichés. a more positive way of saying this would be: the creation of images beyond what is solidified-as-cliché, in order to express and touch inner/outer Reality.

... lighten up! a little humor could work like a torch to dry cinder, i hope.

purpose of art? purpose of life? purpose of love? truth is, i haven't got the foggiest. you?

frank waaldijk, self portrait as unorthodox thinker

self portrait as unorthodox thinker (2005, mixed media on paper)


god-free morals said...

Hi Frank,

Pleased to stumble across your blog, you have some interesting things to say. I too find myself wondering about purpose, although the purpose of the artist. I agree that to ask the purpose of art is similar (in ridiculousness) to the purpose of love etc.

The purpose of the artist? art? Why isn't this enough? (it is for me)

franka waaldijk said...

hi chris, thank you for your comment! sorry tor react so late, have been rather busy with other stuff.

purpose of art...it's not that i wouldn't like to be able to name it...!

but thinking and writing about these things for me still doesn't measure up to just creating something `meaningful'...whatever that may be.