Friday, April 8, 2011

fukushima: our problems hoisted on future generations

the cleaning up of the millions of gallons of radioactive water at fukushima (which are a waste result of the attempts to cool the daiichi nuclear plant with water to prevent meltdown) could take decades, according to expert opinions reported in the LA Times, if it can be resolved at all.

these news items have a tendency to be understated, because the nature of news is like an extreme version of the nature of fashion, and seldom does public attention linger on any one issue if there are no `dramatic' turns of events.

but since we were discussing these topics on this blog, i felt i should mention this hoisting of our problems on future generations. the cleaning of this nuclear wastewater is actually but a minor issue compared to the nuclear waste that we are creating all over the world, for which we have no long-term solution either.

so, as an artist, perhaps you can see how serious i am on this issue when i say: forget about art, but do not forget about the next generations. who gave us the right to pollute the world in an irreversible manner for eons to come?

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