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Friday, October 3, 2008

intermezzo: Corry Loermans - Universal Brain

It is always both a wonder and a pleasure to come across special art outside of the limelight. It happens to me every once in a while that I see what I consider special work by some artist who is not well known, but who obviously has spent a lot of time, thought, craftmanship etcetera in developing her/his art.

In the series `Universal Brain', I think Dutch visual artist Corry Loermans aims for several layers of meaning and complexity. She does this in a subtle way, using subtle materials and subtle physical layers in the work itself. From a distance, the works transmit a certain light serenity, a quiet radiating. Coming closer, slowly i was drawn in to a far more complex surface, and a lot of intense energy.

In the above drawing [removed on a later request by the artist (permission was originally obtained prior to posting)], it seems there is only one line...endlessly twisting its way, almost impossible to follow.

It brings up questions about thinking, the brain, feeling...while at the same time simply being visually rewarding art without too much conceptualization. I'm interested to see where her work will go in the future. You can view some works here: