Wednesday, January 21, 2009

entombment 2, 3 & 4

frank waaldijk, entombment 2(inspired by a rembrandt drawing)

entombment 2 (own work, 2006, inspired by a rembrandt drawing)

the second drawing. somehow things are more charged, i feel. but it's hard to analyze for me. the third and fourth drawing:

frank waaldijk, entombment 3(inspired by a rembrandt drawing)

entombment 3 (own work, 2006, inspired by a rembrandt drawing)

frank waaldijk, entombment 4(inspired by a rembrandt drawing)

entombment 4 (own work, 2006, inspired by a rembrandt drawing)

to be honest, i considered and still consider these drawings as first steps. i seldom work consecutively on a theme fixed beforehand. somehow i had to get `into it'. for this i needed some spatiality, some light/dark, but also some real emotionality, the feeling of saying final goodbye. not an easy undertaking.

entombment series 1

frank waaldijk, entombment 1(inspired by a rembrandt drawing)

entombment 1 (own work, 2006, inspired by a rembrandt drawing)

this is the first drawing i started with. no further comment.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

entombment series rembrandt 2: the starting point

rembrandt van rijn, entombment (photoshop alteration)

rembrandt van rijn, entombment (photoshop alteration)

the famous-artist-or-not question: i wrote about it earlier, in the context of quality and art. to illustrate some points regarding this question, i made the above photoshop alteration of the rembrandt drawing `entombment' (see previous post for the unaltered version) and posted it on a dutch art forum in the category `own work'. by posting it there (without text) i silently suggested it was my own drawing. for this the photoshop alteration was necessary, otherwise the age of the drawing would have given everything away immediately. i changed the colour of the ink to blue, and with some work managed to edit away the browning and spots from old age.

after posting, i received a lot of comments by fellow artists who were not so impressed with either composition, or clarity, or drawing ability. to be fair, there were two who said: not bad, it reminds me of old masters, rembrandt even.

after some time i decided to give up the deception. and most were very amused.

then, since i dislike real deception, i felt i owed it to the forum to try and create some really own work depicting entombment. because of recent passing away in my direct vicinity, i was very much reminded of this series. and i thought to give some of them a place on this blog.

so if i find time and energy we will see a series around death of beloved ones, final goodbye, grief, and comfort...

Monday, January 12, 2009

entombment series inspired by rembrandt

frank waaldijk, entombment ix

entombment ix (own work, 2006, 30 x 40 cm, mixed media on paper)

a drawing by rembrandt, titled entombment, provided the starting point for a modest series of drawings around the theme of death of a beloved.

i will give more details on this starting point and subsequent genesis later. first the original drawing by rembrandt:

rembrandt van rijn, entombment

rembrandt van rijn, entombment

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

picasa web albums are down - sorry

dear visitors to this blog and my artist's website: today it seems that picasa webalbum service is not running smoothly.

many of my pictures are loaded from my picasa albums, therefore you may experience some problems with viewing.

i hope google soon fixes the problem, kindly visit again later.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

just let me be the dog at your party

frank waaldijk, just let me be the dog at your party

just let me be the dog at your party (own work, 2008, 21 x 30 cm, mixed media on paper)

been sick for days with a heavy cold. nothing to do but lie in bed, write posts on this blog and...yesterday's drawing.

art & money 3: robert hughes, damien hirst, mona lisa curse

so just a short note. it turns out i've missed a tv programme on the english channel 4 called `the mona lisa curse'.

really a shame i missed it, in the programme art critic robert hughes denounces the contemporary art scene in a clearcut way, it seems. i've tried to find videos on the web, to no avail.

a taste of the well-received programme can be found in a hughes' article in the guardian.

i'm uplifted by finding a prominent art critic sharing my views. still, the new clothes of the emperor keep on being admired and talked about...for instance by germaine greer in the same guardian. germaine really illustrates very aptly what i've been trying to say: `art in the 21st century isn't about making things, the real art is marketing'. or something similar (go read for yourself). and she's serious. the hirst auction is the artwork, according to germaine, not the stuff that was being auctioned.

well. sigh again. not a very deep work then, just rather lucrative. it's more like a pop tune for the rich. but who in their right mind is going to put britney spears in the same category as a certain old and dusty johann sebastian...although according to germaine we should do so, i believe? germaine?