Tuesday, November 4, 2008

postpostmodernism and postmodernism 1

ok. time to tackle some art philosophy again, just for the fun of it, but perhaps even more because i promise(d) to do so in the subtitle of this blog.

i'm intrigued by the word `postpostmodernism', which sprang in mind easily to describe a certain feeling i have about postmodernism. what i do in such a case of spontaneous word genesis is to google up `postpostmodernism' and to see that -like many similar words- it has been discovered/manufactured by many others. but with google results in the thousands, not tens of thousands, meaning that it's still kind of uncharted. [correction some days later (9 nov): don't know what went wrong, but latest search turned up 19,600 results...with a wikipedia entry post-postmodernism]

in other words, humanity - a very small and insignificant part of it at least- is working to develop some pastures called `postpostmodernism', but it's not sure that they be fertile grounds, where the claims are precisely and where the fences should be. obviously, this has something to do with the pastures called `postmodernism'.

to me postmodernism has always felt as a sort of inevitable crisis, comparable to puberty. Just like puberty, in postmodernism anything goes, and anything is challenged. mostly because `absolute truth' has become `obsolete truth'. somewhere along the line, perhaps also due to the enormous emotional crisis from the second world war, a large enough number of people realized that the concept of `absolute truth' is fallacious. to maintain `absolute truth' one is in fact forced to manufacture and/or swallow untruth after untruth.

more accurate would seem the picture of manifold truth. truth depending on one's point of view. anything goes, and anything is challenged, but...

clay butler, you're standing on my neck (postmodernism)

clay butler, you're standing on my neck

(thank you clay for the kind use of your cartoon).


Our World Interwoven said...

This has a begining, but no middle or end, other than that comic which is spandicouslisly funny...but I don't know why google puts this link so high in ratings when there are many new blogs talking about the importance of a (non)existing postpostmodernism. Please check out my sight and follow other links if you are interested in the business and political culture surronding these scattered movements. I will tell a story of myself that leads you to you click my ads so I get money, and then you laugh and cry, and we're all happy.

franka waaldijk said...

naturally, google simply evaluates the relevance of what one has to say in the trinity perspective of past, present and future.

so, in other words, this blog may not look like much to you NOW, but google predicts it will be a major authority on postpostmodernism...;-)

frankly, i haven't got the foggiest how google calculates relevance, but i do know that i'm as well informed on the subject of postpostmodernism as the next person...and if you would have time to read more of this blog than just this post, i think you would agree...

i see you just started your blog. perhaps i'll visit from time to time. please note that i don't link to blogs with ads...but i get the idea tha's not really your plan anyway.

kind regards!