Monday, January 10, 2011

100,000 visits to this blog

well, not so much perhaps when compared to really well-visited sites, but surprising to me nonetheless! and i'm glad that what i put up here reaches a lot of people (although i get little feedback as to what they think of it ;-)), this is added motivation (although i would write for a few people just as well, but it does give the feeling that the (relatively new) internet really gives a new platform to people like me). thanx to all readers!


Anonymous said...

hi Frank ('s one reaction :-)

100k is a lot very very good and my compliments!!

...but for an artist with your education an for me as an internet marketeer you need to be more specific...100.000 in a day/week/month, since the start?

Have by far more questions, but i keep them for a lunch ;-)


franka waaldijk said...

hi paul, thanx for your reaction, nice to see you being such a faithful visitor! still, you put the finger on the sore spot...because i meant 100,000 since the start...and i know there are many sites with really high visitor numbers, like 100,000 a week! or a day...anyway, it was just my own surprise at how often this blog has been visited, but i don't think that this blog has any real marketing potential!

lunch seems a good idea, let's contact via mail, grts frank